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Customer Testimonials

“I would highly recommend American Picture Framing to anyone. I use them for all of my business-related and personal framing needs, as their quality, customer service & prices are unparalleled. If I ever leave Philadelphia, I'd be hard-pressed to find a better custom framing shop.” --J.M.

“The staff at American will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Their recommendations and expertise have consistently provided me with a look that fits my budget. I’ve recommended friends and family to trust their most valued photographs and memorabilia to the staff at American. I drive an hour to take all my framing needs there, because I would never go anywhere else!” --Katie Rose Thornton

"It is not often that we find a vendor that meets our high expectations; American Picture Frame certainly does. Our projects are large and small and John, John, Cliff and the entire group always treat every piece of artwork placed on one of our projects with special care. The quality and service has been consistently high over the past 10 years and I'm sure for next 10 years." --B.H.

“American Picture Framing is super. They get the job done fast and efficient. And all details are finely crafted. They are truly professional organization.” --T.Z.

“Working with American Picture Framing has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my framing career. Being a photographer and a former retail owner, I am aware of the importance of pleasing our customers and offering quality products. The staff at American continually goes the extra distance to provide friendly and timely service, advice when needed and a wide election of mouldings. Problem solving and brainstorming on challenging jobs is one of their major strengths. Trusting my friends at American with my work and recommending them to others, is something that I never think twice about!” --Geri Dibiase

“I love American Picture Framing. I travel from Wilmington, Delaware to have all of my framing done. Not just because the prices are reasonable, because the workmanship is of the highest quality and the customer service is outstanding! It's a great value for excellent work!” --SLS

“American Picture Framing has been handling Ampro’s picture framing for over 25 years. American Picture Framing always provides excellent customer service, quick turn around, fair pricing and outstanding quality. American picture Framing will go above and beyond to satisfy our needs. We currently display over 30 framed tee shirts, that we have printed for special occasions, in and around our offices and are very proud to have them so all our customers can see them.
Ampro Sports highly recommends American Picture Framing to everyone needing anything framed in a professional matter. They are reliable, thorough and always communicating with our staff.” --Craig Gauthier, Sales Executive

“I am a loyal 10 year+ customer and I have always received exceptional, professional, competent, friendly service that is competitively priced with a timely turn around. The quality of work rates above all others in my opinion.” --MD

“I have been a patron of American Picture Framing for 8 years. I am extremely happy with the quick service, excellent customer relations, and unbelievable fair prices that American Picture Framing offers. A majority of the pictures and posters in my house were framed by American Picture Framing. I trust the judgment of American Picture Framing so much that many times I can just tell them to frame a picture without even selecting a frame or border. Every time I have had a picture framed in this manner, my wife and I have been pleasantly surprised. We even had our wedding picture framed in this manner due to our complete faith in the company. As compared to some of the other framing companies that I have used in the past (both national and privately owned ones), American Picture Framing does not severely overcharge their customers. The prices that they charge are always extremely fair. At the same time, American quickly processes a patron's order and will even work diligently to finish an order if it needs to be completed quickly due to time constraints. Lastly, no other framing company that I have used in the past equals the quality of their frames, glass, borders, and customer service. I have complete faith in American Picture Framing and recommend them to anyone that I come in contact with that needs this service. Hopefully by reading this testimonial, many potential customers will discover the excellent service and products that American Picture Framing offers and become continuous patrons. Thank you American Picture Framing.” --Edward A. Campbell

"I've always been impressed by the quality of service and quick turnaround American Picture Framing has demonstrated. Whether just a single frame or a large order, they are able to respond to our needs in a timely fashion without sacrificing excellence. I know they will always give us a high-quality product and I value their opinions as professionals. What a great team to work with!" --C.K.

“I have been a customer at American Picture Framing for many years. The conduct of the employees has always been very professional and understanding of my needs. They always take the time to answer any questions that I may have regarding frames and framing. I highly recommend American Picture Framing.” --Howard N. Watson, AWS, PCCS, AAA

“Professional and attentive service delivered in a warm and friendly way – that’s what you always get at American Picture Framing. For years I’ve only trusted American Picture Framing with my clients framing projects and my own framing needs. Their great service, knowledge and friendly approachable nature makes the whole process easy. Their experts take the time to listen to my needs and offer suggestions - so I am always thrilled with the outcome.
Thank you for making me look so good!” --T.W.